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I am based in the Chew Valley, just south of Bristol, and cover approximately a 30 mile radius.

The cost of a consultation and trim is £45.00.

I also offer a one-off consultancy type service outside of this radius. Please ring or email to discuss individual cases, or to find out more about what can be offered. Costs will vary accordingly.

There may be an additional charge for travel, depending on number of horses seen in one area.

I can also supply hoof boots, pads, magnesium, and other products which you may need or find useful for a successful barefoot career with your horse.

I am always happy to discuss Barefoot options more fully and specifically regarding your own horse, and also welcome involvement from Vets and Farriers, so please do either call or email me.

Talks and Demonstrations can also be arranged for groups such as riding clubs etc.


The Equine Podiatry Association is our governing body and is instrumental in getting barefoot hoofcare regulated in the UK. You can find your nearest EP in any area, and find more information about Equine Podiatry.

Equine Podiatry Training Ltd is a UK based training organisation for people aiming to become professional EP's. Find course information, as well as more about Equine Podiatry

Boots, Pads and products useful for barefoot hoofcare.

A totally independent website to help people find information about barefoot hoofcare providers in their area, what qualifications they have, and what they offer.

Independent list of barefoot hoofcare providers.

The main EponaShoe website has all the information you could wish for, if you think this could be an option. All backed up with scientific research, radiographs, photographs and measurements, It also has some fascinating case studies.

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